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while reducing stress and fear


Beach Fench

A powerful 6-week course created for teens and college kids.  Students learn tools to calm stress and fear and utilize self empowerment techniques that prepare them for success in life.

This engaging course focuses on mindfulness and emotional intelligence.  The 6-week program is designed to teach  tools to manage life's up's and down as well as compassionate communication to advocate for their purpose.


This 6-week course provides students with a competitive edge by engaging their powerful creative potential within. Specific tools focus on:

  • FIGHTING FEAR by learning tools to challenge the inner critic voice and courage to step out of your comfort zone

  • IGNITE INTUITION by learning to approach challenges with curiosity and courage instead of judgment

  • REDUCE STRESS by learning mindfulness tools to calm the mind and improve engagement with life

  • EXPRESS YOURSELF by learning compassionate communication skills that lead to understanding and self empowerment

Each student will leave with a deeper knowledge of  who they are, practical approaches for creating what they want, and the tools to approach daily life with motivation, direction, and self reliance.

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